60 Beverley Street, Toronto 416 897 8083
Lia Maston Architect
Lia Maston Architect
60 Beverley Street, Toronto 416 897 8083
in Tétreaultville

A cold, dark and sophisticated exterior encloses a soaring, open and light-filled interior.

Building type:
New single family home

Tétraultville, Montreal

Luc-Antoine Couturier

In association with:
Guillaume Marcoux / Microclimat

A young couple purchased a residential lot in Tétreaultville, a neighbourhood on the East side of the island of Montreal on which to build their new contemporary home.

While the exterior of this building exemplifies contemporary design - cold, dark and sophisticated – the interior is light-filled and open, with soaring ceilings and clerestory windows that reveal a roof garden.

The typology of this project also references its neighbouring Montreal houses with a spiral staircase to the roof and with matching window proportions.

This building was designed by the Architect Guillaume Marcoux and built by Microclimat.